Sunday, August 7, 2011

aReW recordings presents RW-050 - various artists

aReW recordings presents RW-050 - various artists
aReW recordings netlabel announce release number FIFTY (RW-050) available for free mp3 download. A 25 track various artists compilation called aReW recordings presents RW-050. The album features in order of appearance Broken No Fix , Alex Ischenkau , The M.S.P. , Fake Lucid ,To-Bo , Balogh, Trans Atlantic Rage , Noise Research , Ryan Laccohee , Hadeanera , Strain Carriage , Richard Wilmer , Lienullnoyz , Lezet , Sonore Fiction , 30hcir , The Vanhalia Project , Measures , Inedia , Cloud 61 , Zreen Toyz , Der Domestizierte Mensch , CINIK , Protecious , Shadow Entity Wizard , SFAA, Bertha James & My Pet Zombie Frankie . The album clocks in at a total of 125 minutes and covers many experimental styles including ambient, electronica, noise, drone, field recordings and so much more.
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